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By: Amanda Axelrod, M.S., LMFT- Associate Supervised by Dr. Mark White We see love portrayed in various ways; through movies, books, music, and even celebrities. Disney movies say that love is the start of happily ever after, books say that love is always romantic,...

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How is Social Media Filling My Plate?

I have heard it time and time again– “I want to delete my social media because of the anxiety it is causing me, but I feel that I will be missing out on current news and information. I feel that deleting it will make me less ‘in the know’ and connected, so I feel that...

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Motherhood is hard

By Adrienne Rains LMFT - Associate (TX) and AMFT (NM) Supervised by Dr. Mark White I’m going to say what we are all thinking, motherhood is hard. You go into motherhood thinking about all of the sweet things that a baby will bring into your life. Like love, joy, cute...

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From Discovery Through Recovery

There are many circumstances in life in which it is intuitive to determine what actions to take to resolve a problem. Discovering that a trusted life partner is emotionally or sexually involved with another person or that they are involved in a sexually compulsive...

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Making Sense of the Senseless

This is a continuation of my blog series titled From Discovery Through Recovery. I will begin with a deeper explanation of the power of connection because, upon discovery, a life partner is typically trying to make sense of a circumstance that seems senseless. As...

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