Christian Counseling in Lubbock, TX

The therapists at Dr. White and Associates profess Christian faith and values. Their educational backgrounds and Christian values create the context in which their listed services are provided. This does not mean they "preach" or "evangelize" in the therapy room. 


If you are seeking a counselor who views life through the contextual lens of Christianity and who can offer counseling from that perspective, we can meet your needs. Dr. White and Associates offer a non-judgemental approach to counseling those who are seeking a healthy, Christ-centered approach to abundant life. We believe that God designed humanity for success and that sometimes we need help finding our way to that success.

Dr. White and Associates would also like to assure you that if you participate in or believe in another faith perspective or are of no religious or faith affiliation, we are accepting of you and will not preach, evangelize, proselytize, or discriminate. Our goal is to provide quality mental health care to individuals and families in all walks of life.

Dr. White and Associates, P.C.

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