Dr. White and Associates is proud to present an 8.5-hour couples group intensive designed to help couples in recovery from various forms of infidelity, compulsive sexual behavior, and sexual addiction. This intensive will consist of a 2.5-hour introductory session on Friday afternoon beginning at 5 PM and two, 3-hour sessions on Saturday, beginning at 9 and ending at 4:30. Dr. Mark White will present principles for success in marriage from a perspective of God’s design for marriage, oneness, and abundant life. Stacie Mathis will discuss impact on the partner and aspects of forgiveness. Tim White will lead the group in empathy building and chaos management activities and will present methods for device management and accountability. Recognizing that many couples struggle with these issues, we hope that our treatment specialization in this area will assist you and your loved one in overcoming your difficulty and achieving abundant life. The introductory offer for this intensive is $500 per couple. Don’t hesitate, space is limited to 15 couples. Register by calling 806-780-0003.

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