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Custom Intensive Treatment in Lubbock, TX

Are you in a relationship crisis? Do you desire a more intense treatment format than 50-minute sessions? Are you seeking an alternative to inpatient treatment? Are you from out of town? Is therapy during the week, not an option? Dr. White and Associates is experienced in planning, structuring, and delivering specialized intensive treatment for individuals, couples, and families. Treatment is customized to your specific needs, not a canned seminar for a general topic. This option could range from a few hours in one day or weekend up to multiple days and/or weekends, depending on your specific needs.

A customized intensive treatment is especially valuable for couples in crisis from a recent discovery or disclosure of infidelity, compulsive sexual behavior, or pornography addiction, and the accompanying partner betrayal. Dr. White and Associates is experienced in providing a three-way treatment perspective in which a therapist treats the offending partner, a therapist treats the betrayed partner, and a therapist treats the relationship as a couple. This treatment is provided by trained therapists with graduate degrees in marriage and family therapy. DWA offers the premier treatment in the region for recovering from sex addiction or compulsion and the betrayal experienced by the partner. Intensive therapy can be so beneficial in the early stages of therapy to establish traction toward goals and the learning of new tools quickly. 

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