Overcomer Groups

Tim White’s Overcomer groups are on Thursdays, 7:00 till 8:30 PM.  The cost per attendant is $40 per session, paid as you go.  Purchase of Facing the Shadow (available on Amazon) by Dr. Patrick Carnes is a requirement.  Please call Tim to join so you can come and learn the first 7 of Dr. Carnes 30 Tasks of Sexual Addiction Recovery!

For more information or answers to any questions, please call Dr. White and Associates at 806-780-0003.

Dr. White can also be reached at drmarkwhite@dwatherapy.com

Tim White can be reached at timwhite@dwatherapy.com


Stacie's Groups

Hope and Healing


Finding out about a significant other’s pornography addiction is a painful and too often very lonely time.  Hope & Healing is an opportunity to interact with other women going through the same struggles.  In what is probably one of your darkest times, surround yourself with women who will speak life and encouragement into you and your marriage.  Discover a real place of healing where you can work through some difficult emotions and begin the healing process.  This will be an open group.  The cost is $40 per session, paid as you go.  It will meet Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm.  

Kristin's Groups

Worthy Women is a group designed to show women what it’s like to have self-worth, to empower them individually, and to help them let their true light of worthiness shine.  Each week topics will be presented to discuss how societal influences, family expectations, and personal judgment can take away from our own capabilities and desires.  Worthiness beliefs can take time to build. Kristin will be the guide to women as they make that journey of beliefs in their life. Come join the group to begin your journey. The group meets at the same time every Tuesday from 6:30-8pm.  This is a come and go group with no weekly commitment required.  For further questions, call 806-780-0003 or email kristinlefforge@dwatherapy.com.

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