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By Anthony Hoff, MFT-intern.

Welcome. This is the beginning of my series of blogs covering a myriad of pornography (porn) topics. To begin I share an anonymous but true story that illustrates how porn use may begin and how enticing porn may be to a young mind.

John began using “pornography” before he knew it existed. As a child he began a journey by accident, not truly aware of where the path was leading him and unaware of potential dangers. While otherwise engaged on the computer, John happened on sexually stimulating images and videos that had an astonishing influence on his mind and body. Here was a free, effective, and efficient antidote to the problems of an 11-year-old boy! This was amazing! John could be feeling angry, sad, or indifferent. He
could be upset, bored, or excited. Then, through pornography his mind and body were intoxicated with powerful passionate feelings that trumped any other feeling.

From this first exposure, John turned to pornography more and more frequently. In trouble with your teacher or parents? Porn. Feeling bored? Porn. Depressed? Porn. The more he looked and acted on the images, the more he searched. This practice was always in secret, always alone. Unfortunately, the same old image or video stopped bringing the same amazing feelings (i.e., tolerance). John needed more, he
needed new. And so, the cycle of pornography use deepened, carving out neural pathways in John’s brain, impacting his desires for other pursuits, changing his relationships, robbing his time, altering his sexual scripts. What started out as an exciting pursuit became a coping mechanism, became a habit, became a need, became an addiction.

This is happening to children and adolescents the world over. The specifics of exposure may vary, but the persistence, power, and reach of pornography into our lives is real. Like any substance, individual persons may be more or less affected by the tug and pull of pornography. However, for a minority of users this rather innocent beginning to pornography use eventually becomes an addiction. If your work, marriage, children, time, or life are being negatively impacted by problematic or addictive pornography use, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with me, Anthony Hoff,

As an individual, 12-step facilitator, academic, clinician, and Christian I have gained valuable experience in helping others heal from the effects of pornography use in a society numb to sleezy material. As a therapist at Dr. White and Associates I am dedicated to helping you or your loved ones find healing from individual, relational, or other challenges stemming from pornography. Please reach out. You can schedule an appointment with me Anthony Hoff through the online portal at dwatherapy.com, or call our office at 806-608-3127.