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By: Kayli Spears, MFT-Intern

“You look normal.”
“Why don’t you ever want to do anything?”
“You are so flakey.”
“Why are you always tired?”
“Can’t you just take some medicine?”

If you are an individual with autoimmune conditions or chronic pain, you will likely find the first few statements all too

God has designed our minds and bodies to have open and intricate lines of communication with one another.
When an individual experiences chronic stress, fear, anxiety, or depression, those
emotions have the potential to manifest into physical ailments in the body. When autoimmune conditions are present, the mind and body have greater difficulty syncing up.

While not all forms of chronic pain and autoimmune disorders are curable, there are tangible steps to help cope and manage life with pain. The most significant step is learning how to connect your mind and body to work together rather than apart, which takes facing the pain rather than masking it.

Often individuals with chronic illness describe having to “put on a brave face” or “put on their mask” before leaving their home to appear to the outside world that they are not in pain or fatigued. People tend
to use their masks well and are often seemingly healthy to the naked eye; however, the real, raw, painful experience is held throughout the day until the mask comes off. Operating through life under a mask can be lonely, and advocating for your health is not a battle to be surrendered.

Thankfully, invisible battles do not have to be fought

Isaiah 43:19 reads, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do
you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

This Truth provides good news for those experiencing loneliness in the midst of pain and poor health. You are each offered a Living Stream in the wastelands and community with folks who get it. You do not have to fight your battle alone. I welcome
each of you to leave the mask at home and get in touch with the reality of having a chronic illness.

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