Therapeutic Divorce Mediation

Even though we are created for success in life, the ideal of marriage sometimes comes to an end.  Uncontested divorces are rare, thus a mediator is often needed to address what is contested or disputed between the parties, especially co-parenting.  Even in a collaborative divorce, emotional distress and disconnection typically prevent a divorcing couple from effectively communicating and agreeing on the terms of their marriage dissolution without third party help.  Certainly, the dissolution of a marriage relationship requires the services of an attorney to administer the legal process.  Therapeutic mediation is the application of human systems analysis and evidenced-based principles of alternative dispute resolution that specifically address resolving disputes in the context of the distress of marriage dissolution.  The application of brain science is a vital component of therapeutic mediation.  Typical treatment issues and topics include:

  • Asset Distribution
  • Best Interest of Children
  • Child Custody Scheduling
  • Geographic Restrictions
  • Custody Transfer Arrangements
  • Cooperative Co-parenting
  • Stepfamily Accommodation


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