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Your Story Matters: COVID-19 and Mental Health

By Twanna McKee, MFT-Intern

Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you are not alone. These feelings are only human and keeping them to yourself only adds unwanted stress and fear. We are living in the progressively uncertain time of a global pandemic; one that, during the approaching months, will undoubtedly see our families and individuals experience higher levels of stress, along with an uptick in depression and anxiety alone.

More than ever during this time, we must not forget how this health pandemic presents new barriers such as families being confined in their homes. It is impossible to deny how the extraordinary mental impact of the outbreak has dawdled our way of life and optimal care.

It is crucial to bring us to reality and acknowledge that people everywhere are experiencing or having feelings contributed to vulnerability brought on by reading or seeing news updates about COVID-19 on social media. I have no doubt that many people in the general population are fearful about the uncertainty about what might happen next of contracting the virus. 

My take on the pandemic in the United States is that we now understand the threatening potential that this virus still carries along with worrying about getting sick, changing daily routines, isolation, and difficulty sleeping. Everyone has been affected by this pandemic in some form, or fashion. We are wired differently and have unique ways on how to reclaim our emotional balance after enduring a traumatic and stressful experience. If you are trying to find tranquility in the chaos or seeking solutions during these tough times; I am here for you.

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